An understanding of needs

An understanding of needs

Since this week is the fashion revolution week, an initiative started by a group of like-minded people that I constantly look up to, I thought I might share with you my short take on needs, fashion needs. I believe that only by understanding our needs we can start buying more sustainable fashion.

When it comes to fashion pieces, nowadays they have more symbolic functions than material ones. Creating our identity, building our place in the social structure, or trying to meet our emotional needs are just a few. We know that our needs can be divided into physical (subsistence and protection) ones and psychological (affection, understanding, participation creation, recreation, identity, freedom) needs.

As it turns out, a lot of times we buy clothes to meet our psychological needs, especially the need for identity, participation, and creation. Many psychologists agree that this is just a false sense of satisfying those needs. On the contrary, what we need is to live materially simple but spiritually and on a personal level rich lives. Garments will never replace those internal needs because our sense of identity is not depending on them unless we allow it to.
I don’t know about you but I used to get very excited to change my appearance. But as I got older and wiser, as I like to believe, I had a bit of revelation. The goal wasn’t any more to buy everything I liked or to change my appearance/´identity´again and again, but rather to think about my daily clothing needs and begin to nail my own style. Slowly the clothes I owned began to share a common style. I started to invest in better quality pieces from sustainable brands, and buy more quality vintage pieces that reflected my own true style. Instead of depending on those fashion pieces I started to see fashion as a way to embrace new aspirations more based on my own values. I’m still in the process though.

pic by Denisa @yogatella


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