DRESS [WITH] SENSE teaches us how to be conscious consumers

I just finished the book Dress with sense, and I have to say that you totally need to read it. It took me a while to come to the conclusion that a conscious closet is what brings joy, order, and simplicity into my life.
This book has a bunch of tips on how to change your relationship with your clothes. These are the four areas of focus:

  1. Buy better
  2. Wear your clothes more creatively
  3. Care of your clothes by learning better ways of washing
  4. Dispose of them by swapping, gifting, donating and recycling.

My take away from the book is ´think of sustainability as being about more choice, rather than less: more creativity, more thinking, more empowerment.´

Have a look at my favorite illustrations from the book:

pics from Redress.com

pics from Redress.com

You will also find some inspirational activists, bloggers, producers, and models that share great pieces of advice.

Here are just a few:
Susie Lau
Amber Valletta
Bonnie Chen
Greta Eagan
Geneva Vanderzeil– she shares there lovely wardrobe rehab ebook
Johanna Ho


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