In detail: eco-friendly Fjällräven travel backpack

In detail: eco-friendly Fjällräven travel backpack

Necessity is the mother of invention. Functional and eco-friendly, Fjällräven travel backpack was born for those that are chasing something different. Those that feel the obligation to leave the world a bit better than how they found it. Fortunately, this Swedish awarded brand in innovation and sustainability is developing timeless, functional and durable outdoor equipment, acting responsibly towards people, animals, and nature.

So here is how a travel backpack that meets all the possible needs looks like.

There are many reasons why I love this Fjällräven backpack. When going on a short holiday or business trips, the most important things are storage, practicability, durability and eco-friendly materials. And this backpack has it all. Have a look at my favourite features:

  • A very well-planned storage, perfect size, and high practicability

The backpack is semi-soft, this means the material used, the durable G-100 HeavyDuty Eco is padded around so everything that’s in is protected, and this makes the pack sturdy and more durable. The inside of the backpack is extremely well compartmented with pockets for every necessity, with robust zippers, and some mesh walls. This means quick access to all the things you need, so less time spent in the security checks and airplanes aisles.
There is a special safe compartment for your computer as well, close to your back. The padded straps can be stowed so you can keep the bag streamlined. Everything can be locked with a padlock because of its special zippers. The volume is approximately 35 liters, width: 32 cm, height: 46 cm, depth: 27 cm, which is a perfect size to be accepted as carry-on by most airlines.

  • Made of eco-friendly materials

The materials used for this item are recycled polyester and organic cotton that has been specially picked from certified farms. Fortunately, this means “far less water, chemicals, and energy than conventional practices and techniques.”

  • Hight durability

This backpack is made of  G-1000, the Fjällräven’s own hardwearing fabric. This is very resistant to wear material and by using Greenland Wax, it is adaptable to a whole variety of different climatic conditions (wind and water) and that’s why it’ll last for ages if you take care of it. G -1000 is also breathable and mosquito safe (the tight weave keeps mosquitoes and other flying insects away from getting inside your bag).                                        

Every detail is thoughtfully considered. The impeccable finish, the timeless and urban aesthetic, and the unique features are worthing all the money.

So do you think it´s worth it to stand for anything less than this? 

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