It is a fact: I love wearing black. Black is always a good idea, it’s easy to put together, it’s effortless and discreet. Even though the clothes I’m wearing are not from brands that are concerned about sustainability, they do have a good quality and are meant to last. I’ve got it before going into all vintage and sustainable fashion brands, and they are still in a very good condition.
There’s a wrong idea that in order to get into dressing more sustainably we need to get rid of all the old clothes that we have, be it from fast fashion brands or just any brand that is not concerned about the impacts of their whole product life cycle.
But this is wrong. The idea is to make the most of what we already have, to start cutting out repetitive purchases, and to slowly opting for vintage clothes and for transparent brands that care about the environment and people.

Sweatshirt: Stussy
Trousers: Carhartt
Shoes: New Balance
where: perfect wall


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