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(English) Noah, a cultural brand and a consistent contributor

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Por qué debemos elegir la calidad frente a la cantidad

  A menudo, la cultura en la que vivimos promueve la idea de que nuestro confort se consigue a través

(English) Patagonia is about causing no unnecessary harm

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Trying to be a conscious consumer feels right


After seeing the documentary The true cost and crying 90 percent of the time while watching it, I decided to challenge myself to buy my clothes more consciously and to extend the life of my them as much as possible. Over the last year, I’ve become more aware of the impact that fashion has on people and planet. Supporting projects that are aligned with my beliefs and trying to reduce fashion waste became my main concern. Did I reach the perfection? No, I think I’m still far, but I try my best.
Here are three items purchased a bit consciously. The first one is a vintage tee bought from Flea market Barcelona. Space Jam is one of my favorite childhood movies and Michael Jordan is one of my heroes, so there is emotion involved when I wear this Tshirt, plus I know that choosing vintage products is definitely sustainable.
The second one is from Firmamento, a fashion brand based in Barcelona. While visiting their studio, Alejandra told me that the passion for surf was the motivation for the two founders, when starting this project. They produce only locally, and they have some really nice collaborations with local artists. The unisex comfy style of this tee was exactly what I was looking for, plus it reminds me of Murakami´s 1Q84 and the two moons.
The third t-shirt is from a local brand called Costalamel. Unfortunately, this project doesn’t exist anymore, but they had a nice ¨ending/goodbye¨ campaign. All their items were locally produced as well.
No matter what is the motivation behind taking on a similar challenge, one thing is for sure, being a conscious consumer just feels right.

(English) Spring Pick: the perfect tee

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Three great things we can learn from Everlane

Most brands agree that in order to sell products or services, you need to address your ideal client´s self-interests. It´s

(English) Levi’s and making a mark in the world

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(English) Inside Stüssy, the original streetwear brand

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Vivienne Westwood AW18-19 Don’t Get Killed

Vivienne Westwood is back with one of the most visible campaigns that stand for radical change. The Autumn Winter 18/19 Vivienne

(English) On becoming a more mindful fashion consumer

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Consumer psychology in fashion

Not long ago, I did a course on Consumer psychology in fashion, and I was about to discover how I can translate the knowledge of human behaviour and psychological insights within the fashion industry into creative ideas for my projects and my daily life.
My love for fashion and psychology was fuelled by one of the most insightful and honest teachers I’ve ever met, Carolyn Mair. She has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and is responsible for the first ever Fashion Psychology degree programs. Carolyn describes describes herself as a cognitive psychologist working in the context of fashion.

After the End of the World at CCCB

I went to the exhibition ¨After the End of the World¨ at CCCB, one of my favorite museums in Barcelona.
The message was clear: the responsibility is in our hands. How the generations to come will grow up, depends on the small decisions we are making today, now.
The exhibition consists of eight immersive installations that talk about the human impact on natural systems and about the present and the future of climate crisis.
My favorite was the one that touched on a subject that recently is to my concern: What are the effects of the fast fashion supply chain on the planet?