Why gender neutral clothing can be a sustainable alternative

Why gender neutral clothing can be a sustainable alternative

pic by Denisa @yogatella

I’ve always felt that respecting rigid rules of gendered clothing was not my thing. Maybe because I grew up having my mom as a model of rejecting this nonsense. But apart from being inclusive, this approach is more sustainable as well. 

We´re living in a time when popular culture is projecting woman as an image of desire and of course that through consumption of fashion we can capture this dream. My truth is a bit different. Gender roles and stereotypes are good for capitalism but not for us.  
Gender neutral clothing comes as a sustainable alternative because it allows us to share much easier our pieces with others. We can swap up our clothes and share them with our partners and friends, breaking the boundaries of gender. Apart from this, it’s so much fun to share clothes with your boyfriend, isn’t it?

Swapping up clothes means less need for new clothes, less money spent, and on the other side less demand, and more inclusive and sustainable fashion industry. Since keeping our clothes in use for as long as possible is the most sustainable thing to do, gender-neutral clothing is such a good alternative. 

My entire outfit is secondhand. I leave you with a few recommendations so you can get inspired.


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