On becoming a more mindful fashion consumer

On becoming a more mindful fashion consumer

As consumers, we have a tremendous power and we can change the world through our spendings. And this is actually pretty simple. Here are some tips to become a more mindful fashion consumer:

1. Think twice about anything that you buy. Start asking questions as Who made these clothes? What kind of materials are they using? Where did this clothes come from? Where were they made? How are the conditions of the workers?
2. Try to buy better quality clothing that is locally produced. It’s true that you need to do it less often, but this doesn’t mean that they have to be extremely expensive.(here is one my favorite local brand Firmament that is really accessible)
3. Find vintage stores. There are so many options online and I’m sure where you are living right now as well. These are just a few that you can find in Barcelona: Flamingo, La principal, Holala.
4. Learn about materials and textiles. What is organic cotton? What does it mean a recycled fiber?
5. Try to repair or upcycle your old clothes.
6. Try to invest in basic items. Do that and then learn how to creatively style them.
7. I recommend you to watch the documentary The true cost. This will make you understand that by choosing to buy clothes that cost 2 euros, it’s actually costing the rest of the world a lot more.

So get informed and please don’t think about perfectionism, we are on this planet to learn every single day.

The pic is from the book Get A Life by Vivienne Westwood.


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  1. JET
    Tuesday February 27th, 2018 / 12:00 AM

    Cool website & direction, Ms. Adochitei. Bravo.

    P.S.: As Ms. Westwood did, have you yourself made your “monthly visit to Julian”? If not, he is back in NYC and would love to catch up with you…

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