Supreme: short view on a phenomenon brand

“We’re a brand for the people,” says James Jebbia, the founder of Supreme label. You can get the idea of what Supreme is about from the top of the brand: ARROGANCE.
Welcome to the short view of Supreme brand. This phenomenon brand is all about street art culture, hip-hop culture, streetwear culture, skateboarder culture and pop culture. Ok, there´s a lot of street and culture over here, but it’s only a reflection of a modern brand who knows how to act contemporary. So when it comes to brand personality, its core traits is being cool, contemporary, confident, rebel and excited. The values of the brand are style, authenticity, quality, creativity, and individuality.

I do believe that they´ve come up with this brand benefits after understanding perfectly their people. That young crowd they appeal to, the cool crowd that wants to stay up to date in the fashion that they wear, to identify with celebrities, copy them and be like them. Jebbia got this message right. He affirms in one of his rare interviews: “My thing has always been that the clothing we make is kind of like music. There are always critics that don’t understand that young people can be into Bob Dylan but also into the Wu-Tang Clan and Coltrane and Social Distortion. Young people—and skaters—are very, very open-minded . . . to music, to art, too many things, and that allowed us to make things with an open mind.”

Beside from understanding their people, they´ve also made very good branding decisions. The brand positioning of Supreme is about rarity, unique, fashionable piece of design. Then there is cautiously paying attention to the culture that they are representing. Basically, they have been listening to whats happening in those important events from hip-hop music, pop-culture, skateboard movements, street artists. Just to name a few collaboration they´ve had during all these years of existence: artists as Ryan McGinness y Kaws, brands such as Louise Vuitton, Nike, Air Jordan, Levi´s, Comme des Garcons, Lacoste and The North Face. This collaboration not only brought awareness to all these brands but also helped Supreme strengthen their reputation and fame and helped develop their perfect hype.

Let’s look at a few more details:
● Their selling policies: the clothes are expressly exclusive and their stores have such a familiarity display for the skate culture.
● They hire people who have been in the ¨club¨ for long years.
● Once it is out to the shop and sold out, there isn’t a re-stock of their products.
●People are camping outside of the stores just to get inside.
All this only makes every piece more and more valuable to their customer.

By the way, I’m not claiming that I’m their target, but I do identify myself with street culture and I do remember one of my tweets that marked the moment when

I’ve started watching what they are doing and how they are doing it. They´ve always had ¨that certain something¨ as we say in Romanian  ¨acel ceva¨ that made me to even visit their store on my first day of visiting Paris. It was worth it even waiting in the line.
If you want to see one of the latest appearances of the brand take a look at supermodel Gisele Bundchen wearing a Supreme t-shirt on the next cover Vogue Japan February 2018 issue.

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