Keep it urban

Keep it urban
pics by Denisa @yogatella

Heels always bring the more confident version of yourself right? And for me is the perfect moment to add that urban twist to an elegant vintage look. Maroon and nude go so well together and the combination with the black ankle boots it´s one of the easiest ways to add a minimal fuss.
I normally like to add some sort of oversized layer/jacket when I’m wearing this kind of tight top to break it up a bit. The utility shirt by Carhartt is from men’s collection and is my favorite ¨work jacket¨ so far. I wear this outfit usually when I go out, be it an exhibition inauguration, a music event, or anything in between.

Shirt / jacket: Carhartt
Trousers and top: vintage, Flea Market Bcn
Ankle boots: vintage


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