Why buying secondhand and vintage clothing is better?

Why buying secondhand and vintage clothing is better?

If you pay attention to the recent news from the fashion industry, you know that secondhand and vintage clothing is now linked to the sustainable fashion movement. The rise of awareness of sustainability, more specifically the social issues and the natural environment relating fashion industry, has helped the rise of the secondhand and vintage clothing industry. If before wearing old clothes was associated with austerity, today in a world of disposal and waste, comes a smart alternative.

There´s so much to talk about, I’m gonna come up with further posts over the several weeks. Today I’m going to be diving into de benefits of choosing to wear secondhand and vintage clothing.

First of all, buying old or used clothes is better for the environment and people. Considering that it takes 2,720 liters of water to manufacture just one t-shirt (according to Refinery29 ), avoiding to produce that waist is just great. And then there´s the fact that it helps to keep away that item from landfills. By choosing secondhand and vintage clothing we´re also not contributing to the propagation of those appalling practices of some brands in the fashion industry.

Another reason is that we get the change to connect with the past. Even though it takes time and labour to find a good vintage piece, the reward stays in connecting with the past, with the certain subculture, eras, and overall understanding the history and references of some places. Within the fashion industry, a vintage piece is a garment that is 20 years or older. On the other hand, a secondhand item is any piece of clothing that has been used before. So vintage pieces tend to be more valued.  Gathering all this kind of knowledge about clothes is making us more appreciative and ultimately caring about the items that we have.

A lot of people agree that old clothes tend to have a better quality of fabrics and in general were better constructed. That’s why it last the test of time. The outfit I’m wearing is the proof. The shorts Im wearing are from my brother. I have them since my teenage years, and he got it also from a secondhand store. The way is constructed and the fabric are amazing. The t-shirt is a piece that I’m sure it has more than 15 years and still doesn’t have any single hole.

There are many benefits of choosing to wear secondhand and vintage clothing, but for me is the best way to avoid waist, to be socially responsible, to connect with the certain subcultures, and to increase the lifetime of garments.


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